J&K Sales Associates - New England Manufacturer's Representative Firm - Manchester, NH

This We Believe:

In a single-minded commitment to continuously identify the worst aspects of our business and endlessly strive to turn these weaknesses into our strengths.

In the understanding that excellence is defined totally by what our customers say it is.

In despising and opposing bureaucracy and all the mindless barriers that are erected as result of it.

In striving to attract, retain, motivate and most importantly, train, train and then train some more, the best people we can find in our industry.

In setting ourselves apart by being more focused on our customers than our competitors.

On selecting our product lines on the basis of strong technical, mechanical and competitive advantages.

In continuously promoting our product lines in the secondary market to create contractor demand and engineering specifications for our customers and our principals.

In the knowledge that profit is a natural growth of doing things right.